Our work

A selection of our work is shown below as an illustration of how we help businesses like yours and individuals like you to achieve their goals. 

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Innovative natural ventilation and natural lighting systems company
• Coaching, supporting and mentoring MD and executive board members.
• Advising on strategic business issues; marketing, sales, international business development and R&D strategy.
• Recruitment of new members of executive team.
• Liaising between subsidiary company and parent.

Professional business services agency
• Guided owner and his management team through a business growth, organisational development and financial restructuring programme to prepare the business for eventual transfer of ownership to the management team and exit by the owner.

Construction company
• Helped the owner/MD of a regional construction business to find new strategic direction and profitable growth despite intense competition.
• Direct advice was complemented and made more successful by giving the owner a new approach to business development.
• He now has a greater awareness of the benefits his business brings to clients – and focuses on expressing these benefits in terms that are relevant and compelling for them.

Software development company
• Helped a consumer software developer achieve record growth and break into new markets by giving structure and constructively challenging their business plan.
• Produced living and clear action plans by leading planning meetings on new product development, marketing planning and organisational development.

Global manufacturer and distributor of specialised flooring and walling products
• Developed and led implementation of strategies to reposition brand via marketing and culture change programme - sustaining premium positioning and achieving a consistent 45-50% price premium over competitors in a mature and increasingly commoditised market.
• Used involvement and communication to generate companywide staff engagement and momentum across international multi-site operations and cultural boundaries.
• Coached regional MDs in international subsidiaries to develop and deliver on challenging business plans.
• Mentored North American MD in delivering a 50% increase in core product sales and converting £200k loss into £770k positive contribution within three years.
• Introduced Key marketing metrics, CRM, CMS and Demand Generation concepts – to support segmentation and to drive and coordinate marketing and sales activity.
• Developed and implemented a new pricing strategy that added £600k to gross margins and enhanced business efficiency.
• Created new market category through customer focused NPD that grew to £3.5m sales within three years.
• Established and promoted an industry leading sustainability agenda incorporating significant technical and process innovation.
Result - Increased sales revenues by 51% and doubled pre tax profits to £11m over a three year period. 

Major building and civils contractor
• Enhanced sales and marketing productivity with strategy review and by leading implementation across regional business structure and sector specialisations.
• Worked with regional MDs and parent group company to set and coordinate PR, website, marketing communications and sustainability policies.
• Introduced new business development culture – including strategic planning concepts, marketing techniques, KPIs, technology (enhanced CRM) and staff recruitment profile - to support delivery of new strategies.
Result - Enhanced company profile and 75% increase in turnover to £290m in two years despite major industry recession.

Corporate finance practitioners
• Specialist client advisor and consultant.
• Maximising shareholder returns through a strategically managed and tailored approach to company sales.

Charitable Incorporated Organisation
• Setting up a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) to address the issue of disabling hearing loss in the 3rd world.
• Working with field charities and NGOs to commercialise an innovative product design concept to be manufactured and supplied by the CIO.

Major magazine and catalogue printer
• Originated and progressed new business concepts through family board – generating step change revenue growth and profitability.
• Strategic review of business development activity:
• Focus on higher added value/margin products, services and accounts.
• Instigated customer focused basis for multi million pound capital investment programmes to add high tech, high value offerings to existing high volume, low value manufactured products.
• Mentored sales team to deliver success in new business areas and international markets whilst defending market presence in existing sectors.
Result - 55% growth in net profits.

High street retailer
• Brought together two retail companies with very different cultures and business models to create a successful regional enterprise. 
• Created strategies which integrated the two workforces and implemented training programmes which helped create a team approach to meeting new strategic and tactical objectives.
• Delivered culture change by addressing a reactive management style and allowing branch managers the authority to make decisions through the implementation of real delegation. 
• Created a bottom up communication strategy to feed customer needs and preferences towards strategy creators within the organisation.

Self adhesive products manufacturer
• Strategic planning and turnaround of an unprofitable self adhesive products business. Converted £200k loss to £320k profit in eighteen months by arresting drift and giving direction to a previously unfocused operation.
• Introduced objective based management and Continuous Improvement practices at all levels.
• Realised synergies from strategic acquisitions in complementary business areas.

Packaging inks and coatings manufacturer.
• Strategic planning and execution of culture change and systems to facilitate restructuring.
• Planned and successfully implemented a restructuring programme involving a 25% reduction in headcount with no loss of customer service or volume throughput.
• Changed company culture to embrace up to the minute logistics and customer service concepts – leading to a 25% reduction in working capital requirement.

Retail and trade paints and industrial coatings manufacturer
• Created marketing and manufacturing operations strategy to address issues and support major growth that followed two key acquisitions.

Published on  June 14th, 2019